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Mail-in data collection service for MX at Diamond

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Fragment-based and structure-based drug discovery programmes put a strong emphasis on frequent routine macromolecular crystallography data collection from numerous samples. Other types of projects may only need occasional data collection on a few samples or researchers may need to run an experiment they have not done before. 


Metal-organic frameworks for hydrogen storage

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Using current technologies, it is possible to store and transport hydrogen as a liquid at very low temperatures, or a gas under very high pressure, but both of these have serious implications for weight, cost and safety. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are extended molecular structures constructed from metal cations linked by organic molecules. They have recently shown considerable promise in a wide range of applications, including hydrogen storage, catalysis and drug delivery.


Collect your MX data from anywhere using Remote Access at Diamond

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Fragment-based and structure-based drug discovery projects require regular and frequent proprietary access to macromolecular crystallography (MX) beamlines at synchrotron facilities. However, geographic location, shutdown periods, limited human resources and beamtime availability can restrict the access to such facilities.


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